Hva er tantra? Neste tantra kveld er torsdag 25.11 kl 18-21. Kr. 400. Få ledige plasser!

What is tantra?
Tantra is a way to engage with reality. With what ever arises and to feel it totally. It is an experience. Sometimes it is sexual, or sensual, but it does not have to be. It is about Breathe. About presence. It is the ability to expand, to be able to “become” the space, in which everything happens.
Surrendering to the experience of life fully and letting it take is where it will, without resisting this tide or trying to make it go away. Fully embracing feelings of loss and grief. Accepting the weakness and mortality of our physical vessels. Meeting the parts of ourselves who are fucking angry whilst also terrified of losing control.
Allowing the waves to wash over and defeat is. Laying om the shore, mål er, alone, weak and empty. In the void. That, to me, is Tantric. I have learned that in that space I can become a wave instead of å particle. I can zoom out and ser what I want to see. What is true? What is real?
Forgivness. Forgiving myself, for everything I have done to hurt myself, life and other. Forgiving other, everyone who hurt and keep hurtig. Forgiving my anger. My need to control everything.
When somethings dies an emptiness remains. In this emptiness there is no need to become anything. It is a source from where new things will emerge, we just need to let them.
That is tantra.
– Hajnalka Makk.

Dette er hva tantra er for meg. Altså alt. Cathrine.

VILDE – et nydelig sted å være! Trening for kropp, tanker og følelser, tilpasset meg. Dyktig og kunnskapsrik lærer! Anbefales på det varmeste.

– Elin, Porsgrunn

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